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Three Decades with the Brownie: My Personal Journey by Luke Goold

From Unknown to Unforgettable

When I first embarked on my culinary adventure in the '80s, the brownie was a relatively unknown treat outside of the United States. In the UK, we were home to classic pastries and cakes, but brownies hadn't yet made their mark. Restaurants offered various puddings, but brownies were unheard of in those days. Even in France, where chefs were crafting exquisite delicacies, the brownie remained a stranger.

An Unquenchable Curiosity

What drew me to brownies initially was their novel approach to ingredients. While crafting a menu one day, I found myself yearning for the ultimate chocolate brownie to complement my selection. I began to delve into the process, experimenting with eggs and sugar to create a marshmallowy effect. Memories of a dense Italian dessert, the chocolate nemesis, guided me, but I wanted something unique, something definitively mine.

Crafting the Perfect Brownie

The journey to perfect the brownie recipe wasn't straightforward. Traditional American recipes using cocoa powder and oil didn't satisfy my palate. I needed something more authentic, more flavourful. So, I turned my attention to the principal ingredients, exploring alternatives like high cocoa butter content chocolate. Understanding the role of eggs in binding the ingredients, akin to cement in building, captivated me. The process became an intricate dance of chemistry, a fusion of science, and art.

Trials, Errors, and Innovations

Years were spent playing with various combinations, toying with ingredients, and reading the backs of countless packets. I rejected the common use of raw cocoa powder and oil, seeking a taste that lasts longer on the palate, a texture that sings. The fine balance between volume and surface area, boiling points and water content, became my obsession. Every failure was a lesson, every success a stepping stone.

The Ghastly to the Sublime

I remember the early days when brownies were either unknown in this country or simply a dense sponge with a bit of chocolate on top. They were ghastly. My goal was to create something intense, an experience that coated the palate and took the consumer on a journey. A brownie that was not just a treat but a masterpiece of culinary art.

A Recipe Born of Passion and Science

After three decades of experimentation, learning, and refining, my winning brownie recipe was born. It's a product of creativity, passion, and hard science. It's a testament to my belief that culinary excellence is not just about following traditional paths but daring to innovate, experiment, and learn from both success and failure.


The evolution of my chocolate brownie has been more than a culinary adventure; it has been a personal journey of discovery, growth, and artistic expression. What began as a quest for a new dessert led me to delve into the depths of baking science, explore the potential of familiar ingredients, and create a brownie that I am proud to call my own. It's a reminder that in the kitchen, as in life, the possibilities are endless when you embrace creativity, curiosity, and a willingness to learn.

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