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Brownie Things Limited: Baking a Difference, One Brownie at a Time

At Brownie Things Limited, we're not just in the business of creating delicious treats; we're dedicated to crafting a sweeter future for the environment too. Our commitment to sustainable practices has shaped every aspect of our production. Let's explore how we blend quality, flavour, and environmental responsibility into every bite.

Environmentally Friendly Materials

Understanding our environmental footprint is paramount to our business ethos. That's why we've taken the initiative to use alternative materials made from other substances and not hydrocarbons. While some plastic use is unavoidable to maintain our high food production standards, we strive to minimize our impact wherever possible.

Packaging Innovations

Brownie Box

Our brownie boxes are crafted from unbleached brown card, which can be fully recycled in your standard household recycling bins. Moreover, our box liners are made of standard siliconised parchment paper, giving you the choice to reuse at home or either shred and add them to your compost pile or send them for commercial biodegrading.

We don't stop there; our paper tape, stickers, and labels are meticulously chosen to contain no plastic whatsoever, assuring they align with our green values.

Energy-Saving Transportation

Brownie Things at Leather Lane, Camden

In an exciting move, we've acquired an e-cargo bike from Mubea U-Mobility, and we're in the process of transforming our market stalls to be self-contained within human-powered electric bicycles. We're committed to burning calories, not dinosaurs. If you're in central London, we invite you to meet us face-to-face and enjoy a free piece of brownie as a small token of appreciation for your efforts.

Waste Reduction Initiatives

We've taken stringent measures to drastically reduce our food waste. By employing tighter planning in stocking our market stalls using technology, we anticipate demand and adjust our stock levels accordingly. Any off-cuts or visually unappealing products find new life in our Orange Brownie Brownie and soon, the Blondie Blondie.

Local and Sustainable Sourcing

Wherever possible, we strive to source locally and sustainably, especially with fresh ingredients like eggs. Unfortunately, the UK climate doesn't support chocolate bean growth, but we do our best to source the rest as responsibly as possible.

Efficient Energy Utilization

Our kitchen ovens are run judiciously, turned on only when necessary to minimize our energy consumption, aligning with our eco-friendly mission.

Conclusion: Quality Meets Responsibility

Here at Brownie Things, we believe that baking isn't just a science but an art infused with care for our community and planet. Our dedication to authenticity, classic baking science, and responsible choices ensures that you can indulge in our brownies and blondies without a second thought about your environmental impact.

Come taste the love we put into our products and the difference we make in the world, one brownie at a time. Visit us in central London or explore our website to learn more about our commitment to a greener future. Your taste buds and the planet will thank you!

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