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Brownie Things is…Hungry for success. Taste the Brownie Life: a blog about our love for brownies.

Ever since I was a young boy I have always known the difference between good food and bad, I have also seen the connection between being wealthy and being poor. Being in and around kitchens, especially kitchens that provided a high standard of food and being surrounded by people who loved what they did and loved being able to create food for clients who would return time and time again because they knew the quality was excellent but also the flame and the passion, was evident.

As I was growing up money was tight and it was very clear that all that people could afford, if you are on the breadline so to speak, was indeed bread or bread based goods. Empty carbohydrates, packet pizzas, frozen fish fingers or anything that has a crumb or a batter to it, whereas if you’re slightly more affluent than your ingredients can be fresh.

For me, being able to make people happy through creating delicious food was such a pleasure I’ve always found, inventing recipes to be a little like magic to get the right combination and to see people light up as soon as they taste something that you have imagined, is an incredible experience. What I also came to understand was that the prices that were charged in some restaurants didn’t correlate to the quality of the product that people were being served and that was also true for supermarkets.

What I wanted to do was be able to find ingredients that were affordable but carried with them a provenance that was excellent and acceptable without pretension. Today you can buy chocolate from Ecuador, chocolate from Guatemala, or Peru or Madagascar and although that is a wonderful thing, the majority of people will buy and be fooled by its gimmicky value without an understanding of what that means or what that chocolate necessarily contains beyond the cacao.

At Brownie Things we try our utmost to see through the gimmicks, to see through the tricks that pervade widely to the general public. We are dispelling the myth that creating excellent tasting food is beyond the capabilities of the average person. All you need to understand is a basic scientific knowledge of what you’re doing and be able to discern what’s quality from what is a ruse.

Brownies are an absolutely brilliant way to create intense lasting flavours that on a physiological level, can actually make you happier, feel more satisfied and bring you a little bit of light in your life which you may pass to other people so the knock on effect of a brownie could potentially change the world. Imagine that, brownies changing the world.

So with honest ingredients, real ingredients and going back to methods that are classic and owner the ingredients themselves we are able to start to bring truth back to food at a price that is affordable for everyone.

We certainly are hungry for success and it may not be entirely for the reasons that people suppose, today everyone wants to get rich quick, make their millions or billions and then get out. What we are aiming to do with Brownie Things is create a legacy and create something that sets a new standard, where people can, and know that they can expect more from their producers. In our hearts we are creators, we are inventors, we are still children playing and exploring, but we play and explore with the foundation of knowledge and experience meaning we can create effectively and with maximum impact. We want you to have the experience of a lifetime available at a price that anyone can afford and more importantly something you will remember.

It’s time to stop paying through the nose, paying hand over fist for substandard quality designed by an engineer as opposed to being created by a chef. We are here to bring you the very best because we love it. Brownies are not just brownies, they could be the key to changing everything through the butterfly effect of deliciousness.

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