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Brownie Things
New Flavour Quest

Let us bake your ideas!

We're once again at that exciting time of year where your creativity shapes our next delightful offering! At Brownie Things, where the magic of real butter meets exquisite chocolate, we invite you to dream up our next sensational brownie or blondie flavour.

Got a wild or whimsical flavour idea?

We're all ears! From the zesty to the sweet, the bold to the subtle, we encourage you to let your imagination run wild.

Taste Test Adventure

The creator of the winning flavour will be invited to our kitchen in Essex for an exclusive first taste. If travelling is a bit tricky, worry not – we'll ship the first batch right to your doorstep!


Sweet Reward

Beyond the first taste, the winner will receive a box brimming with the new flavour – imagine a kaleidoscope of flavours and textures, expertly crafted from the blueprint of your imagination, ready to tantalize taste buds and ignite imaginations.

Inspire Us!
front-view-chocolate-cake-pieces-plate (1).jpg

Delicious idea!

Get inspired

Have a look on last year's Lisa's creative explosion, which gave us the now beloved Pecan and Maple Syrup Salted Caramel.

With over 100 submissions, the community's creativity truly shone through. 

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